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Used Car Sales Department | Bakersfield, CA

It is an age-old car buying question… Do I buy a used car or a new car? Or in our case, a used Mazda or a new one.​ 

The answer does not have to be as complicated as some people try to make it. It just takes a good understanding of the advantages each option offers as well as an in depth analysis of your current financial situation. While we can’t do the latter for you, we can provide a lot of great information on why you might want to buy a used Mazda car instead of a new one.​ 

To start with the obvious advantage is to also start with the main reason people choose to buy used cars instead of new; you can save a lot of money. How much you can save, depends on things like condition, mileage, and a host of other factors, all of which contribute to the type of deal you’ll be able to get on a used car.​ 

The second reason many people choose to buy used Mazda cars instead of new cars, goes hand in hand with saving money. It is that you can use the savings to buy a nicer car than you can afford to buy new. As pointed out by the example above, you can see how it would be easy to save about $5,000, but let’s say you wanted a crossover like a Mazda CX-9 instead of a compact car, without going over budget. Your best option at that price point is to consider buying a used crossover. While you may be concerned that your used car won’t be as reliable as a new one, you can rest assured with the warranties we offer and programs like Mazda certified pre-owned.

The final money saving advantage of used cars vs. new cars is that a used car won’t suffer nearly as much depreciation as a new car. According to Consumer Reports new car “models typically lose about 47 percent of their value in the first three years, com­pared with 24 percent over the next three [years].” That means if you buy a car three years removed from being new, it has already taken its greatest loss in value. So if you ever chose to sell it, you’ll likely be able to get back more of what you paid for it compared to if you had bought it new and were selling it used. While we chose to focus on the money-saving aspect of used Mazda cars, you can see this list from Edmunds for even more information to help you make a decision on whether to buy used or buy new.


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