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Why Buy Used at​ Bakersfield Mazda | Bakersfield, CA

Used vehicles offer many advantages to drivers looking for more selection, affordable prices, and less worry. We’ve put together a list of reasons you should consider buying a used vehicle instead of a new vehicle.

They also cost less—that’s the simple truth. According to Bankrate, new cars often depreciate up to 30% of their initial cost within the first year – and that has nothing to do with wear and tear. Many car shoppers are willing to pay extra money to have the latest products. If you can wait till demand settles, you can make quite a steal on a used car.

Used cars also cost less in the long run. Because the sticker price is lower, financing is generally less. Even if rates are higher than with a new car, a used car means you’re borrowing significantly less in terms of the principle loan. Plus, registration, taxes, and fees are less on a used vehicle. Depending on your insurer, insurance rates are usually less on a used car as well.​ 

You get more selection with a used car. By expanding your search to consider multiple model years, you can find what you want. Want a specific color or feature? No problem. You have a wide selection to choose from when you shop used.

There’s less worry with a used car. Used cars cost less and that means you don’t have to worry about the little things. Know the guy that parks his sports car at the far end of the lot? That’s not you. A fender bender is no big deal.

These are just some of the many reasons to consider buying used. Stop by Bakersfield Mazda today to speak with our sales and finance staffs to learn more information and take one step closer to driving your next car!

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